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Love From Families


Keli was a wonderful doula to work with from start to finish. In the first months of our child's life, we can not imagine not having her support.

She has been excellent with our son. She has demonstrated techniques for feeding, including both breast and bottle feeding. She has also helped us with soothing techniques and sleep training. 

During the initial weeks of having our baby home, her night support was especially invaluable. As our son grew older, her support shifted to be more during the day time which allowed her to show us different care techniques for our growing son. 

In addition to all of the support she provided from our baby, she was also incredibly supportive to us as parents. She talked through any fears or questions we had and never made us feel embarrassed or bad for not knowing what to do. One of her superpowers as a doula is her ability to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

Outside of the hours when she was directly working with us she would always be available via text or phone call to answer any questions we had. 

Elyse Davis

Keli is a lovely, warm, positive soul and a truly supportive doula. From day one she felt like a long lost friend and was encouraging and uplifting through the uncertain process of a first time mother giving birth. There are so many things to think about, plan, research, etc. and Keli had a great toolbox of resources, both in information from other clients, information from her experience with baby and childcare, and literal tools that helped me mentally get through my contractions without medication. I truly believe that she is the reason I was able to go almost completely unmedicated, and survive without an epidural. She was always by my side and I squeezed her hand as much or more than my husbands. Keli will check in on you before and after birth as well and make sure you're mentally and physically ok and don't need support. We always felt like we had an amazing resource in Keli to lean on. 


I am so glad we have choose Keli as our birth doula . Thank you Keli for helping us bring our precious baby into the world. Your exceptional care and taking time to explain my husband and me the situation surrounding my pregnancy and birth was super awesome. God bless you abundantly. We greatly appreciate your service.

Best wishes,

Shubha Prati

Keli has been a wonderful postpartum doula, caring for my baby boy since he was less than a week old. Keli has a wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share, and is great at soothing infants. She has offered me tips on breastfeeding, improving my boy's sleep, and various other topics that I was clueless about being a first time mom. I recommend Keli whole to anyone looking for a postpartum doula.

Neha Chachra

We are so glad that we chose Keli as our birth doula. Everything from the initial intro online visit to in-person visit and then the birth experience felt seamless with her. On her first visit, she gave us a copy of a super helpful book that I am glad I finished reading the day before I went into labor! I felt informed, but more importantly, I knew I had an advocate in Keli at the hospital. During labor, Keli made sure I was comfortable by offering adjustments to my position, and even where the IV was placed on my arm. Birthing is hard, but I am really glad I had a wonderful team with Keli there. Couldn't have asked for more and now we're lucky to have a beautiful healthy baby.

Anna Chandler

We had Keli with us during our second birth. My husband and I had used a doula for our first, but weren't totally happy and were hesitant to work with someone new. Keli immediately put our minds at ease with her kind heart, generous personality, and her ability to answer all of our questions. We knew we had the right doula when she really truly listened to our fears, hopes, and concerns regarding our second birth. On the actual day, she helped me feel in control, cared for, and safe. Keli felt like a friend we had known for years and it was so nice to have someone there who was just for us. She checked on my husband when he needed some encouragement and even the nurses commented on how great she was to work with. Keli texted with us in the first couple days and gave us great ideas to help with our toddler. I am so glad we used Keli for the birth of our son and would recommend her to everyone! 

Clara Lee

Keli made us feel greatly supported and reassured before, during, and after our son's birth. She helped us understand options when creating a birth plan, acknowledged my fears around the birthing process, coached me through pushing - like a total champ! (my husband was in awe!) - and dutifully followed up in person during our son's first week. We couldn't have asked for a better birth doula!

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