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About Keli

Mama Bear like Care

Hey there! My name is Keli and I am the proud owner/founder/Doula here at Your Whole Life Doula LLC

I was born a natural nurturer. I have always lived my life as a caregiver and spent most of my life in service to others. I was the go to babysitter for my entire family (chosen over my older cousins). I spent over 17 years as a Nanny and now have jumped into the world of Full Spectrum and End of Life Doula work as well as Spiritual Life Coaching. As a Full Spectrum Doula I provide loving support to birthing people during every stage of their reproductive journey. Birth support, Adoption, IVF/Fertility journeys, Postpartum support, Abortion/Miscarriage/Infant Loss support, LGBTQIA2S+ Reproductive support, HAES support, and work from an Equity based lens. As an End of Life Doula I Provide support/guidance to the ill and dying and their loved ones. As a Spiritual Life Coach I provide loving guidance and support for folks who are going through life's ebbs and flows, whether relationship and communication challenges or trying to discover your purpose, I am here to help you through. As a Doula I provide emotional, informational, and physical support during these vulnerable times of life. It is my honor to hold space for you!


I am a SlytherPuff (PotterHeads get it!) I love to use different modalities to help me understand people such as personality types (I am an ENFJ), astrology, human design, archetypes, character comparisons (I identify as a Molly Weasley), etc.

I am a fur baby lover, a book worm, a streaming extraordinaire! I love Indian and Italian food. I am a self development nerd. A RomCom nerd. Family oriented. Continually training and seeking out further education!

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