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What I Do!

Birth Doula Support/Travel Doula

I provide support during the prenatal planning period and during the birth! Emotional, informational and physical comfort techniques to help you feel confident, prepared and ready for your birth journey! I am also available to travel with you (should you be birthing on the go) or to you (should you be birthing anywhere outside of where I am located) to provide support!

Fees $2000 (inquire about sliding scale)

Travel Expenses Discussed Separately

Postpartum Doula Support

I provide support during that forgotten fourth trimester! Early days at home with baby can be stressful! I provide newborn care education and support, emotional processing, referrals and information around after birth healthcare, overnight newborn care, postpartum mood disorder awareness and referrals, etc 

Hourly Rate $60

Multiples or Sibling Care $65/hr+

Inquire about sliding scale.

Sibling Care Support

I stay with and care for your older children when you go into labor/have your newest kiddo! This care includes being on call just like for birth support in the weeks leading up to the birth and staying at your home with your child(ren) until you come home with baby. Includes prenatal meetings to get to know your kiddo(s) and the household.

Fees $2200 for 30 hours of care and two prenatal meetings

$60/hr after 30 hours should labor go over

Full Spectrum Doula Support

Includes abortion support, loss and bereavement, IVF/Fertility Journeys, Adoption Support, Surrogacy Support, Alternative Family and LGBTQIA+ Family support, cultural considerations, reproductive justice, etc.

Fees vary so please inquire!

Empowerment and Purpose Coaching

I am an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach providing guidance around empowerment, clarity, relationships and communication, self love and healing, as well as finding your purpose and passion!

Individual Sessions

Group Coaching

Workshops and Classes

Please Inquire!

End of Life/Death and Bereavement Doula Support

I hold loving space for families and folks who are facing the hardest transition of this life. The process of dying is as natural and part of life as birth, however, we are taught to fight and fear it. I believe that we can all have a "good" death and what I do helps you do that. Wherever you are whether you are the dying person, have lost someone or are preparing to lose someone, I provide loving support and help in processing, planning, and accepting that loss. This may look like funeral/memorial planning, end of life directives etc prep, holding vigil, referrals and research around the dying process, burial/cremation/alternative research and planning, processing and talking, death education, legacy projects, bucket list projects, memory keepsakes, mental health referrals, grief support, etc.

Inquire about fees!

Other Services

Breath-work Facilitator

Certified Lactation Educator

Nanny/Child Care Consultant

Prenatal/Birth Concierge

Inquire about Fees!

Mother and Daughter Love
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